Order Application

The DesignersAxis order application is a tool that allows designers to transmit orders to vendors electronically. Designers can also receive pricing, customization options and order updates back. The vendor has the ability to accept electronic orders through our Order Transfer API or through our Cloud Order Portal App.

This is an explanation on how the searching, proposal and ordering process works:

1. Designers using Studio Webware will have access to a vendor library where they will search for names of vendors they purchase from.

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2. When the designer clicks a brand name, it will take the designer to the website of that vendor.

3. The designer will be able to shop the vendors website and when they pick a product they want to save or propose to their client, they will click the Designers Axis widget on the vendors website. That widget with pop open a form and the designer can then save the product information to their Studio Webware account.

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4. From Studio Webware, the designer can find the product they saved, create a proposal and get approval from their client in seconds.

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5. The designer and vendor can communicate with each other so that they can discuss custom options and price variations about that product. The designer and vendor can attach any pictures or documents they want to the order as well.

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6. When the designer is ready to purchase, the designer can send the vendor the order along with a payment. Everything is organized by order, tracked and tied to the designers accounting software.

For specifics, please contact Stephen Roesler

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